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    Life, today, is competitive- there is no other way of looking at it. One encounters competition in all that one does, starting right from one’s kindergarten years. Not that there is anything wrong with competition. Competition makes us smarter, more sociable and all-in-all fitter for this journey of life.

    Just like life tests us through competition, it puts us under weight of responsibilities with passage of time. As a child passes through the stage of kindergarten and moves on to school, he is empowered to handle tasks that have a higher difficulty level. Eventually, as a person reaches adulthood, he is held accountable for his actions at all times and places. Competition, responsibility are all a must in life but it is equally important to take care of oneself and not get unnecessarily bogged down by a situation.

    Life is meant to be lived. It is meant to be enjoyed and one needs to take care of oneself, at all times and places. There is a popular quotation by Lord Buddha which says that ‘You yourself, as much as anyone else deserve your love and affection’. Being well trained for life is one thing and being hard on oneself is something else. One has to take time out to do things he likes, like listening to music, reading a book, going out with friends, a quiet little dinner with family members, maybe taking up a sport once again. This keeps the morale high and keeps one well prepared for life in every possible way. It works both ways round. A person who is actually happy in his life is sure to be more successful and taking care of oneself is something like an investment towards greater success in life.

    It is true that there are nowadays loads of pressures and challenges in one’s life but successfully steering oneself through the negativity in life is an art. There are pressures at workplace and even in everyday life, people are cautious about maintaining the perfect external image and appearance. One has to meet these pressures and carry on with life, but with a smile on one’s face. It is but prudent to say that if someone fails to take care of himself, the results could show in other aspects of everyday life.

    Bedroom intimacy is one of the simplest joys in life and if a person’s sex life is not strong, the results could show in partners’ joy, companionship and even other human relationships. Another problem that occurs in today’s fast paced life is that married couples, while only a few years into their marriage lose the drive for sex. Irregular sleep timings and long working hours may lead to insomnia, headaches and with their career goals in place; sex is often the last thing on their mind. Some common outcomes of this are loss of drive and desire for sex, while the frequency of sexual intercourse also reduces. This could build doubts in partners’ minds and they may end up asking themselves- is this really the life I was looking for? Does my partner still love as much as he/she earlier did? Am I doing something wrong? Can I do something to make things better?

    Change has to be bought about when there is a need for it, and the most important step in bringing about a change is taking initiative. One may want to try out something different and be innovative. People have their own reservations regarding sex enhancers but a simple oral medication can go a long way in letting you take charge of your life and live life to the fullest- the way you have always wanted to.

    Musli Power Extra is a miracle of Ayurveda and is a tried and tested remedy which has over the years yielded excellent results for over six million people all across the world. Being an herbal medication, it is free from all side effects and its benefits can be enjoyed even if a person suffers from diabetes. Additionally, Musli Power Capsules have been known to aid in treatment of diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis by subduing the symptoms of the same. Musli Power Extra infuses a new wave of youthfulness in one’s life and greatly increases the sex drive and desire. With this medication, it is possible to overcome all sex related issues including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Consumer testimonials prove that this remedy overcomes not just men’s issues but also women’s problems which include FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder), vaginal dryness and lack of desire. This one of its kind medication is created from the highest quality of extracts which are derived from both, natural and organically cultivated herbs. With Musli Power Extra, get the energy and drive to do more and experience a new vigor and vitality in everyday life.

    While enhancing everyday energy levels and sex drive, using Musli Power Extra can act as a magical remedy for couples who are unable to conceive. It is shown to increase sperm count in men and automatically builds an inclination towards sex in men and women alike, even if you lead busy lives and work with tight schedules. Musli Power Extra is easy to consume and normally, the course lasts just for 45 days wherein one needs to have a capsule with milk or warm water after dinner and just before retiring for bed. No strict food restrictions need to be adhered to while taking this course and its benefits are known to last not just while one consumes the medication, but even for months or years at times. Musli power extra has no adverse reactions with any other medications or courses you may be consuming while having these capsules, making these altogether safe for use. Bring about this substantial change with Musli Power Extra which makes you more energetic in everyday life and rekindles passion in your sex life. But more importantly, this can help a childless couple conceive and welcome one of the greatest joys of our existence in their lives. Order Musli power Extra over the internet today and get the product delivered right to your doorstep in a safe packaging. We maintain customer confidentiality at all times and contents in the bottles have a shelf life of over two years.

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Over 55% of men & women have problems performing in Bed!

Find out how you can stay on top of the game & get back to Optimal Living!!

The science of Stamina management

In today's fast paced life, Stamina / Energy management is MORE important than Time management. You may have ample amount of time, but may have drained out your body to a point that you just feel wasted! Work stress,Less sleep, Improper eating patterns & inadequate nutrition are TOP reasons for this "disorder". The loss of energy starts damaging your work life, personal well-being and intimate desires. 

 Such disorders can be balanced with adequate food & lifestyle habits. However a little extra push is required in terms of adding SPICE to your sexual well-being. This is best achieved with Herbal supplements & Oils which have been well-researched & documented for 100s of years in Ayurveda.

 Recharge your Body, Be present, Love what you DO & Do what you LOVE!!

Simple Solutions for real problems

  • MusliPower Xtra instant coffee is

    • * A premix of Arabia and Robusta coffee
    • * A 100% herbal product
    • * Beneficial to enhance one’s daily energy levels & general well-being
    • * Effectively boosts sexual prowess for men and women alike
    • * Packaged as a single serve sachet of 3 gms

     Indications / Directions of use:

    1. Mix a full sachet in a cup of hot water and stir.

    2. Add Milk and Sugar as per taste.

    Side effects:


    Price: $95.29

  • MusliPower Xtra instant tea

    • * A refreshing drink
    • * Rejuvenates the body and mind
    • * Increases sexual prowess in men and women alike
    • * A 100% herbal product
    • * Builds stamina over time

    The MPX tea is a unique and one of its kind drink which refreshes the mind and body. But the most unique part about the MPX tea is that it comprises of unique and exotic herbs meticulously chosen from all parts of the world, and work very effectively towards infusing vim and vitality in our everyday lives.

    Price: $95.29


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